Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cleveland Melvin's Brief, Fleeting Time as a "Husky"

Cleveland Melvin commited to UConn on Nov. 17, 2009, described by his prep coach as a "freakishly athletic player," and de-commited on March 4, 2010, desring to be more of a wing player rather than an interior guy. Here's a review of his brief, fleeting time "with" the Huskies.

Here's our blog when Melvin officially committed to UConn back on Nov. 17, 2009. Interesting to look at the comments, where we were asked if this eliminated the Huskies from Roscoe Smith contention.

A few days later, we spoke with Melvin at the National Prep Showcase in New Haven, where he was excited to get to UConn because it had "a lot of girls, and all that."

And, on March 4, 2010, here's our blog after Melvin de-commited. His Notre Dame Prep coach, Ryan Hurd, told me at the time:

"It's very mutual. There was open dialogue over the last few days. Cleve expressed his interest to be a wing player, and Coach Calhoun and Coach Sellers expressed interest in him being an interior player over the next four years. Cleve thinks his chance to play at a higher level was playing the wing.

"It's totally amicable."

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