Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Karl Hess Confesses Refs Messed Up; Kevin Ollie Takes High Road

Here is referee Karl Hess's explanation of how UConn should have been awarded two points for Jamil Wilson's goaltend of Shabazz Napier's shot at the start of overtime.

"Based on Rule 5, Section 1, Article 3, when the official permits a team to go in the wrong direction, and then the error is discovered, all activity and time consumed shall count as though each team had gone in the proper direction. Play is then resumed with each team going in the proper direction.

"The players went in the wrong direction. Because we allowed that to happen, the only thing that was wrong is there was a goaltend on that play. We should have scored the goaltend and given Connecticut two points for that.

"You have no team control after that, because you have a shot, so now you go to the alternating possession arrow. Because there is no team control at that point and then Marquette gets the ball and you head them all in thee right direction."

Predictably, Kevin Ollie took the high road:

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