Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kevin Ollie, Warde Manuel Talk About Ollie's Extension

Here's some of what Kevin Ollie and Warde Manuel had to say about Ollie's five-year contract extension, which begins next year:


“We’re going to do things well, and we’re going to do them properly. I’m not coming here with a five-year contract. That’s what it says on the paper, but we’re recruiting for a lifetime here. We’re going to recruit like we’re going to be here for 20, 25 years. The standards of excellence that we have at this university is going to continue. We’re not talking about wins and losses, we’re talking about national championships, conference championships. When I stepped on the campus, that’s what I signed up for, to play in the ultimate games, to play in a great conference, to play in national championship-caliber games. That’s not going to stop on my watch.”

(on how short-term deal may have affected recruiting)

(on APR language in his contract)
I have a belief system in my student-athletes. We’re students first, and we’re going to get it done. We’re going to get the right kids in here, and I believe, with the support system we have, we can cultivate a great learning experience for our guys.”


(on recruiting scenario)

“Great coaches have lost great recruits, in their prime. I’m sure it didn’t help that there was a short-term nature of the deal. But I wanted the opportunity to see Kevin and get a sense of who he was for the long term."
(on APR)

“The APR is not his and his alone. I feel a great responsibility for how our student-athletes do academically … That’s my first priority, to ensure that we recruit student-athletes who want to come to you having a great education, and then play great athletics. Kevin is not alone, regardless of what that language says. However, it’s important for us, given where we are, for me to include it in the contract language. This is so important to us that I put that clause in the contract.”

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