Sunday, December 30, 2012

My AP Top 25 This Week. UConn Was Considered

Since there are no Top 25-level teams playing on Sunday, I was able to submit my AP poll this morning. Not much change -- one addition (New Mexico) and one subtraction (Temple). It's hugely unfair to bump the Owls after they didn't even play this week, but I had to make room for Steve Alford's Lobos, who went to previously unbeaten Cincinnati and won to improve to 13-1 (including a win over UConn).

No one else did anything to deserve being bumped, except possibly UNLV, whom I had at No. 16 last week and lost to North Carolina at Chapel Hill Saturday.

There's no shame in that, though -- and no, I didn't add the 9-3 Tar Heels to my Top 25, despite that victory. It's a nice win, but the game was in Chapel Hill. The real good teams are separated from the good teams by road wins, not home wins.

As for UConn, whose 10-2 record is as good as anybody could have expected at this point in the season, I considered it. But again, there was simply no one else to boot out. The only losers from my Top 25 last week were Cincy, UNLV, Missouri (at UCLA, in OT) and San Diego State (at No. 3 Arizona).

1. Duke
2. Michigan
3. Louisville
4. Indiana
5. Arizona
6. Kansas
7. Ohio State
8. Syracuse
9. Missouri
10. Creighton
11. Illinois
12. Gonzaga
13. New Mexico
14. San Diego State
15. Oklahoma State
16. Pittsburgh
17. Notre Dame
18. Cincinnati
19. UNLV
20. Florida
21. NC State
22. Michigan State
23. Minnesota
24. Butler
25. Kansas State


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