Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chris McCullough: UConn My 'Dream School'

With a postseason ban almost certain, four players leaving and all the usual questions surrounding the program (will Jim Calhoun return, and if so for how long, etc.?), recruiting isn't the easiest thing to do for UConn's assistant coaches right now.

With that in mind, it might behoove them to look at kids whose stated ambition it is to play for the Huskies. R.J. Evans is a nice start, and Chris McCullough might be an even better one. The 6-foot-9, 210-pound forward from the Salisbury School says UConn is his "dream school," and that if the Huskies offer, he'd take it. (Curiously, he says part of the reason he likes UConn is because it has a "good graduation rate." Well, that's part of the reason UConn is in trouble in the first place, but things are getting better).

McCullough is Class of 2014, so the postseason tourney ban wouldn't affect him. Still, with all the negativity (fair or unfair) swirling around the program these days, it has to be nice for UConn to hear a talented player practically begging for a scholarship offer.

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