Thursday, April 5, 2012

UConn AD Warde Manuel on Appeal Rejection

Here's a little of what new UConn AD Warde Manuel had to say about the NCAA CAP's decision to reject UConn's appeal:

“What I’m frustrated with is how they’ve implemented a rule with a lack of notification to its membership. I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years, I’ve been a student-athlete, and I never remember any legislation that’s been changed and made retroactive that would have this kind of effect on our student-athletes.”

“Am I frustrated? Do I believe we’ve been punished twice? Yes."

“Given where we are now, I’m not completely confident (that the timetable might be changed). I’m hopeful that the committee will change the timing of implementation of APR scores.”

“I’ll let the committee do their work and only ask that, if they get an opportunity, that they consider what we put forward and really take a look at it – not just for us, but for all institutions."

"Obviously Jim (Calhoun) is not happy about it, about where we find ourselves with men’s basketball program. Behond that, Jim and I have not talked about any impact on his decision or my decision, or whether or not he will be here."

Much more to come ...

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