Thursday, April 5, 2012

NCAA: Changes to APR Timetable "Not Expected"

Here's what Chris Radford, assistant director of public and media relations for the NCAA, had to say about the rejection of UConn's appeal:

"Schools have known since 2006 that APRs below 900 could result in serious penalties including postseason restriction. The four-year APR is based on previous one-year APR scores that are comparable for every team nationally. To ensure all data are comparable for each team, there is a necessary lag time in calculating all the scores at a national level. Also, in UConn’s first waiver denial, NCAA staff noted the men’s basketball team’s overall lack of academic achievement and minimal academic progress over several years."

And as to when CAP may make a decision on possibly changing the APR score timetable:

"CAP will continue to review policy matters, including examining what years of APR scores are used to determine the multiyear APR score for all teams. While it is possible CAP or the Division I Board of Directors could amend existing policies, it is not expected that either body will make any changes that could affect UConn or any other team facing a postseason restriction next season. CAP meets again April 23-25 (and in July), and this next meeting will be dedicated largely to hearing appeals from schools facing serious penalties. "


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