Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alex Oriakhi: Last Year Was A 'Step Back'

Yeah, I'm definitely still on vacation. Here's what Alex Oriakhi had to say in a recent radio interview in Kansas City, in which he admits last season was definitely a "step back for me" in his development as a player, and that his friendship with Phil Pressey (son of Paul) was definitely a strong factor in his decision to transfer to Missouri.

(OK, I love Alex, great kid, great person, real good student. But he uses the word 'definitely' as much as anyone I've ever heard).

Here's some of what he had to say:

Why did you choose Missouri?:
“At the end of the day it was just a comfort level. Having a good friend of mine, Phil Pressey, there definitely helped, but I was definitely comfortable when I got there. They were a team that had a pretty successful season in my opinion, winning 30 games, and they were able to do all that without a big man, so I definitely knew they needed a big man. … Everything just meshed and it was the perfect fit.”

What’s your relationship like with Phil?:
“Phil, I’ve known him since eighth grade. … At the time, he lived in Texas but we played AAU so he basically lived with me and my family in the summer. … Even before I transferred we always texted each other every day, talked on the phone. He’s one of my real good friends.”

Why did you decide to play another year at a different school instead of going pro?:
“I didn’t perform as well as I’m capable am to go to the NBA. It was definitely a step back for me, the season I had. … I didn’t think there was a reason for me to even go into the draft. I feel when it’s time to go to the NBA for me is when I feel I’m ready and I feel I’ve done everything I can do. I have more left to accomplish.”

Describe to people how you play:
“I know I have a lot to work on and a lot to improve on, but for the most part I feel like I’m a defensive-oriented guy. Growing up, I wasn’t always the most offensively capable big man … so I had to do other things to stay on the court. I’m definitely a defensive presence. I rebound, block shots. I am working on my offense so I can really score in the post. But for the most part, I’m a defensive guy. I feel like you can dominate a game without scoring.”

When you told Frank Haith you were transferring to Missouri, what was his reaction?:
“He was ecstatic. He was really excited, gave me a hug and said, ‘Welcome to the family.’ … He said it was like getting a Christmas present. I heard that. That’s not what he told me, but that’s what I heard. I just laughed. For a coach to say that about you, it just shows how bad he really wanted me and I’m just excited to come down there and just work my tail off and let the results follow.”

Did you know him from before?:
“No, not really, but Phil’s a real close friend, so if I had any questions, I could definitely go ask Phil. That was the best. Phil was a great resource because I knew Phil was going to keep it 100 percent with me. … He was going to be truthful with me because he wouldn’t want to put me in a situation that wouldn’t help benefit me.”

Was it important for you to come into a situation where there were plenty of new faces, including you, rather than an established lineup?:
“I definitely think it helps to go to a team that’s new because I’m going to be new, my face is going to be new to the rest of the guys and we’re all going to have to learn together and find our roles out and build team chemistry.”

And here's the audio, if you'd like to hear the full interview for yourself. Definitely.

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Anonymous Edward said...

Alex is one of my most favorite players.

July 26, 2012 at 8:51 AM 

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