Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shabazz Napier Still a Maybe, Niels Giffey Out, Joe D. in for UConn?

Niels Giffey is done for the year for UConn. Here's what he had to say Tuesday afternoon at the team hotel in Tampa:

And here’s what Kevin Ollie had to say about Giffey, Shabazz Napier and a few other subjects:

(on Giffey)

“We’re making it positive. Hopefully he recovers real soon, gets back to his German National Team, has a productive summer in the academic arena, then get ready to play for us. But he’ll be ready to go.”

(on DeAndre Daniels)

“I think he’s really taken the challenge on. At practices, he’s doing great. I see a transformation of a young man growing into a big-time player. Hopefully, in 2013-14, he’ll be even better.”

(on USF)

“They’re on a one-game winning streak. I think they put 83 on the board against DePaul. They’re playing aggressive, (Victor) Rudd is playing real good coming back from his injury, and (Anthony) Collins is really a focus, trying to keep him out of the lane.”

(on Napier, who is again a game-time decision)

“I think (his foot) responded. It’s still tender. We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing. I have full confidence in James Doran and our athletic training staff that they’re going to get Shabazz ready to play. If he can’t, we’re going to go into the off-season getting him back ready, and we’ll see what happens going forward.”

(on who’s decision it will be if Napier plays Wednesday night)

“It’s ultimately up to him, and James Doran. Whoever I got, I’m gonna battle with those guys. Shabazz was great on the bench at Cincinnati. He was great, encouraging the kids. If he can’t be out there, so be it. But I know the kid is tough, and he wants to be out there. That’s the beauty of it.”

“Injuries happen, we’re going to try to fill in where we can. But Shabazz is going to be with us in spirit, if he can’t be out there on the floor with us.”

(on UConn’s ‘all-hands-on-deck’ mentality)

“Whoever’s on that bench, they’re alive. We’ll pull Joe D. out.”

That’s Joe D’Ambrosio, UConn’s radio play-by-play man. Now that would be a story.

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