Friday, March 1, 2013

Terrence Samuel: "I Love UConn ... I'll Be Proud to Have UConn on My Chest"

Terrence Samuel, UConn’s point guard commit out of Brooklyn, was surprised when I told him by phone that UConn may not be playing its conference tournament at Madison Square Garden.

"I don't pay that stuff too much mind," he said.

But when asked if that was disappointing, he thought for a moment and said: “Not really. It would be good to play in front of my family, for them to travel to the Garden. But that’s the only thing.”

And it certainly won’t cause him to re-consider his commitment to the program.
“Definitely not,” Samuel said. “I love UConn.”

What does he love most about the school?

“Everything – the coaching staff, the facilities, it’s a great school … (I’ll be) proud to have UConn on my chest, that’s all.”



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