Sunday, March 3, 2013

My AP Top 25 This Week

Here's the AP Top 25 ballot I submitted this evening. I was considering ranking Duke No. 1, despite its loss earlier in the week at Virginia, thanks to its big win Saturday over Miami. Ryan Kelly's return makes a huge difference.

But, for one, I had Duke No. 2 last week, and my personal rule is never to move a team up after a loss earlier in the week. And, as someone who champions the mid-majors, I have no reason not to vote Gonzaga No. 1. (Not that the Zags are really a mid-major anymore).

This is a really good team. Its only losses were at Butler (on a miracle) and to a good Illinois team. It's beaten Oklahoma State (whom I like a lot), Oklahoma, Baylor, Clemson and St. Mary's (twice). Any time you can go unbeaten in a league -- any league -- you are a damn good team. The Zags are damn good.

Plus, I think it's kind of refreshing that Mark Few and the Zags are so openly hopeful of getting that first-ever No. 1 ranking. Most coaches brush it off as not that big a deal, it's the NCAA tournament that matters, etc. And they're right. For Duke, being ranked No. 1 is old hat. For Gonzaga, it's something they're really excited about. That's pretty cool.

1. Gonzaga

2. Duke

3. Indiana

4. Georgetown

5. Kansas

6. Michigan

7. Miami

8. Kansas State

9. Louisville

10. Florida

11. Oklahoma State

12. New Mexico

13. St. Louis

14. Michigan State

15. Ohio State

16. Arizona

17. Memphis

18. Virginia Commonwealth

19. Marquette

20. Syracuse

21. UNLV

22. Pittsburgh

23. St. Mary’s

24. Creighton

25. Louisiana Tech

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gonzaga has played 3 ranked teams all season and lost 2 of them

March 5, 2013 at 2:08 PM 

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