Sunday, January 13, 2013

My AP Top 25 Ballot, and Some Travel Issues for Louisville

Whenever Louisville arrives in Connecticut on Monday, it should arrive as the No. 1 team in the nation. When it arrives, however, is still a question.

The Cardinals held a practice on Sunday and planned to fly out to Hartford Sunday evening for Monday's "Big Monday" bout with UConn at the XL Center. However, apparently fog issues cancelled Louisville's flight and the team will have to travel on Monday morning -- game day. The Cards have cancelled their slated shootaround and are hoping to arrive by around noon or 1 p.m. (We're sure Rick Pitino is taking this all very calmly).

Anyway, Louisville at least can take solace that it will likely land at Bradley as No. 1. I've got the Cards on the top of my ballot, though I considered bumping up Michigan (which I had No. 2 last week) despite its loss at Ohio State. However, even though I still think the Wolverines are the best team in the country, I rarely move a team up after a loss, so Louisville moves from No. 3 to 1. Duke (which lost at NC State) drops two spots to No. 3. Ryan Kelly's injury was a factor in dropping them two spots, past Michigan.

As for UConn, I couldn't keep it out this week. Not after beating Notre Dame (which I thought could be the second best team in the Big East) on the road. Not with all three losses to Top 25 (most likely) teams. Not when the Huskies are a Junior Cardougan buzzer-beater (and an admitted mistake by the referees) from being 3-0 in the Big East.

Even though I think UConn may be a better team than Marquette, I had to rank the Golden Eagles higher since they beat the Huskies head-to-head (and also beat Georgetown and Pittsburgh, the latter on the road, this week).

Anyway, here's my ballot this week:

1.       Louisville
2.       Michigan
3.       Duke
4.       Indiana
5.       Kansas
6.       Syracuse
7.       Arizona
8.       Creighton
9.       Gonzaga
10.   San Diego State
11.   Florida
12.   NC State
13.   Ohio State
14.   Notre Dame
15.   Missouri
16.   New Mexico
17.   Kansas State
18.   Butler
19.   Minnesota
20.   UNLV
21. Oregon
22.   Marquette
23.   UConn
24.   UCLA
25.   Virginia Commonwealth

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