Friday, June 24, 2011

Majok Wowed Lakers in Italy

So where has Ater Majok been since his one unillustrious season at UConn?

Well, after leaving UConn in September, 2010, he went over to Turkey and played for about two months, averaging about 14 points per game. He then returned to his adopted homeland, Australia, where he hooked up with a team called the Gold Coast Blaze.

Before that season ended, however, Majok asked for his release so that he could start preparing for the NBA draft. He worked out in front of a bunch of teams in group settings, one time going through a vigorous workout with ex-NBA player and coach John Lucas in Houston while several teams watched.

But it was a the adidas Euro Camp in Italy a few weeks ago, where many of the top international players work out and where all 30 teams were represented, where Majok really started opening some eyes.

"They played him at the the 3 position," said his agent, Mike Lelchitski. "He's been working to transition to playing the 3. He had a really tough time in college playing the 4 and 5. He's tall, but that's not naturally his position. He was able to really turn some heads and did a lot of things people never saw and didn't expect. He ran the court and altered shots, but also played great perimeter defense, locked down some of the great international players, and shot the ball extremely well from 3."

Majok played so well that the Lakers invited him for an individual workout last week, the only individual workout the 6-foot-11 Majok had.

"The Lakers were extremely interested right off the bat," Lelchitski said. "They had four second-round picks and they were looking for guys that could develop down the line."

Majok will attend a Lakers mini-camp next week out in L.A. After that, thanks to the NBA's unsettled labor situation, everything is up in the air.

"Ater wants to have ability to play in NBA one day," Lelchitski said. "That’s his dream. Whatever steps they suggest he take, he’s open to them. He has a lot of interest in Europe right now. I think that’s a great place for him to develop. His passport allows him certain opportunities in Europle others don’t have. Even if he's not in the NBA the next 1-2 years, he's in a great spot, because he has a team that believes in him enough to invest a draft pick, which says a lot."



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