Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Golf is no Fool's Game

Jim Calhoun and George Blaney played in today's Travelers celebrity pro-am with Michael Bolton. For those who think Bolton is simply a balladeer who remakes R&B standards and keeps winning Grammies, it may interest you to know that he's got a heavy metal past.

(For what it's worth, Bolton apparently can really kill the ball off the tee).

Caught up with Blaney after their round with pro Ryan Moore was rain-shortened after 14 holes. Blaney spoke about what he envisioned for Kemba Walker in tomorrow night's NBA Draft.

"Every pro team that I've talked to couldn't get over the stories about what a good kid he was," Blaney said. "Jim had told a story at one of the dinners about how when Kemba won the MVP of the Maui tournament and won the MVP of the Big East tournament, after each of those tournaments, he was the last guy on the bus going back to the hotel. And he had the trophy both times. Both times he got on the bus and the team stood up and gave him a standing ovation. I told that to a bunch of general managers and they were blown away by that, I thought."

Where will Walker wind up, and what teams seem to like him the most?

"When you're in the top 10, it can be three as well as 10 in a heartbeat, because it just depends on who gets picked before you. It changes quickly. I'm hoping he goes anywhere from three to seven."

"I thought Utah and Sacramento and Toronto showed the most interest, in my conversations with them. But you don't know until the guy ahead of you picks, and who's left on the board at that time. Caron (Butler) was supposed to go four, and somebody got picked ahead and he wound up going 10. Those things can happen."

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