Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kemba's Draft Situation

Here's what we've been told about what Kemba Walker can expect at the NBA Draft on Thursday night in Newark:

*** Kemba's worked out with five teams -- Utah, Toronto, Sacramento, Detroit and Charlotte. It appears he'd be a pretty good fit with all five, with the possible exception of the Raptors, who have some good young guards in place. Utah picks third overall, Toronto fifth, Sacramento seventh, Detroit eighth and Charlotte ninth. Expect Kemba to go somewhere between No. 3 and No. 9 (more likely No.'s 7-9).

*** For what it's worth, has him going eighth to the Pistons, while has him going fifth to the Raptors.

*** The Knicks? Yeah, they love Kemba. But picking at No. 17, there's no chance Walker would still be available. They could trade up, of course, but you've got to have the goods to trade for a higher pick. Not sure if the Knicks have what it takes.

*** The Celtics? Not particularly interested in Kemba. They do have Rajon Rondo, after all.

*** Rumors you may have heard about Brandon Knight's agent not wanting Knight to go head-to-head against Walker in NBA workouts are true.

*** Kemba just finished his workouts and is in New York City right now, where he'll be until Thursday's draft. The endorsment opportunities have already started: Webster Bank and Best Buy, specifically, with surely more to come.

That's all we've got for now. See you in Newark!

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