Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kemba Walker Picked Ninth by Bobcats

I’m not sure what this says, or if it means anything at all, but I find it ironic that Derrick Williams (Arizona), Enes Kanter (Kentucky … sorta), Tristan Thompson (Texas) and Brandon Knight (Kentucky) – all of whom were beaten by Kemba Walker and UConn this season – all were selected before Walker in the NBA Draft.

I don’t know, just found that interesting. Personally, I would have looked over Walker’s alleged shortcomings and recognized his heart and winning attitude. Apparently the NBA’s greatest winner of all time (with apologies to Bill Russell) felt the same way.

Some Kemba quotes from tonight:

(on MJ)

“I’m happy he’s giving me this opportunity. He’s the greatest player ever to play the game, so anything I can learn from that man, I’m going to ask a lot of questions.”

“He was a winner, he had a lot of heart when he played. I’m all about heart. I go out there and compete every night, and I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

(on being picked ninth)

“I’m happy, I can’t complain at all. If I went (No.) 30, I wouldn’t be mad, honestly. I’m just happy to be in the NBA. I’m just going to continue to work hard and keep improving … Of course I wish I could have gone higher, but who cares? I’m with Michael Jordan.”

(on tearing up after hearing his name announced by David Stern)

“I told myself I was going to hold it in, but I couldn’t. I’m a very emotional guy, and when great things happen to me, I let it show.”

( On possibly having to battle current Bobcats point guard D.J. Augustin at the point):

“As far as sharing time with D.J., I have no problem. As long as we’re playing well and we’re winning, if I can do anything possible to help that team, I’m willing … I’m definitely more confident playing on the ball, but last year, having to score so much, I learned how to be off the ball. If there’s a situation where me and D.J. (are) in the game together, both of us, depending how the night is going, can play off the ball, so there’s no problem with that.”

(on everything that’s transpired over the past year)

“It’s been like a movie. This whole year has been magical, honestly So many different, crazy things have been happening to me. I just feel blessed. I have God on my side and, hopefully, the sky is the limit for me.”

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