Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sterling Gibbs "really happy" for Seton Hall's success

Listening to Kevin Willard on the radio on my drive to the airport this afternoon got me thinking about Sterling Gibbs.

Gibbs, of course, played for the Pirates for three seasons before transferring to UConn as a grad student this season. He's been up-and-down for the Huskies, hitting some big shots, averaging about 10 points but not putting up the numbers he did last season as one of the top 3-point shooters in the country.

Seton Hall, meanwhile, has played as well as just about anyone in the country the past few weeks and won the Big East tournament on Saturday.

A lot was made about locker room dissension with the Hall last season, and as the Pirates played well and the Huskies struggled at times this season, it may have appeared that Gibbs' departure was a positive for the Pirates.

But there appears to be absolutely no animosity between Gibbs and his old teammates. I asked him shortly after UConn's win over Memphis in the AAC title game on Sunday if he was happy for the Hall.

“I’m really happy for those guys," he said. "I keep in touch with all of them. I actually had a long conversation with Desi Rodriguez. I try to mentor those guys, still, because they’re friends. I live right around the corner from Seton Hall — I went home last week — I saw those guys and I was able to talk to them and get up with them for a little bit. It’s always nice to see a New Jersey school really thriving.”

Good kid, Sterling Gibbs. 

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