Sunday, February 28, 2016

My AP Top 25 this week

We fully realize that the AP Top 25, while never overly meaningful, is even less so at this time of the year. Teams and their fans are more worried about whether or not they'll be invited to this year's NCAA tournament -- and if so, what their seed's going to be, etc. -- than whether they're ranked.

Still, we must fill out ballots throughout the entire regular season -- even on Selection Sunday (talk about an irrelevant Top 25 that day). There are many fans still interested in how (or if) their teams are ranked each week, so here's the ballot I filled out this evening:

1. Kansas
2. Villanova
3. Michigan State
4. Xavier
5. Oklahoma
6. Virginia
7. North Carolina
8. Miami
9. Oregon
10. Indiana
11. Purdue
12. West Virginia
13. Maryland
14. Utah
15. Louisville
16. Texas A&M
17. Arizona
18. Seton Hall
19. Kentucky
20. Duke
21. SMU
22. Iowa
23. Saint Joseph's
24. California
25. Baylor


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