Sunday, February 14, 2016

My AP Top 25 ballot this week

I could go on with another "what a crazy year in college basketball" post, and mention how nutty this year's NCAA tournament promises to be. But I won't.

We all know how volatile the Top 25 has been all season, and particularly this week. There are dozens of teams that could be ranked, particularly once you get past the first 10-12 spots. But there are only so many spots, so we're at the point now where we're rewarding teams that are playing well. In other words, if you lost a game or two this past week and were in the lower echelon of my Top 25 last week, you're probably getting booted.

So, with that in mind, goodbye Texas A&M, USC, Providence, Gonzaga and UConn. Hello Duke, Notre Dame, Saint Joseph's (I love teams that win on the road), Michigan and South Carolina.

1. Villanova
2. Kansas
3. Oklahoma
4. North Carolina
5. Xavier
6. Maryland
7. Iowa
8. Virginia
9. Michigan State
10. Arizona
11. West Virginia
12. Miami
13. Dayton
14. Kentucky
15. Purdue
16. SMU
17. Duke
18. Oregon
19. Notre Dame
20. Saint Joseph's
21. Indiana
22. Louisville
23. Michigan
24. Iowa State
25. South Carolina


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