Thursday, February 25, 2016

Juwan Durham talks injuries, positive attitude, possible red-shirt while at UConn game

Had a chance to chat with Juwan Durham at halftime of UConn's 81-51 dismantling of USF on Thursday night. As others who know him or have met him have stated, he seems to be a tremendous kid, full of positive energy and very excited to head to UConn this summer.

Durham, a Tampa native, sat on the baseline for the game and high-fived the UConn coaching staff as they returned to the court from the locker room at halftime. Here's the story I wrote off Thursday's interview, in which Durham talked about his injuries, his positive attitude, and even the possibility of red-shirting next season. Assistant coach Ricky Moore and Tampa Prep coach Joe Fenlon also had nice things to say about the young man.


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