Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Paper trail leads to another tough UConn loss

Let's cut straight to the (paper) chase: Here's what Kevin Ollie said about the technical foul he was called for with 2:44 left and his team having just cut what had been a 20-point deficit down to three:

He later added: “We wanted Jalen (Adams) to deny him but not get a foul. But I just thought it wasn’t a foul that needed to be called at that time. But, the ref made it and Jalen did foul him, it looked like, going back on it. I just slapped the stand, the paper was there and went flying. It’s no big deal.”

Not according to Maryland coach Mark Turgeon.

“The tech definitely helped, no doubt about it,” he said. “It kind of helped us stem the tide.”

So, there you have it. Another terrible first half, another 20-point deficit cut down to three. Another missed opportunity, which UConn is starting to run out of.


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