Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Diamond Stone Classic? Not quite -- battle with Maryland important to UConn for other reasons

Obviously, Tuesday night's UConn-Maryland showdown is much more than the "Diamond Stone Classic."

It's important, almost incumbent upon UConn to nail a Top 10 pelt to its wall, because that chance may not come again this season. In fact, the Huskies will likely only have a few more chances to beat Top 25 teams, while there will be plenty of conference and non-conference games that could drag their RPI down.

Rodney Purvis understands:

Still, it's impossible to ignore the fact that Stone, the Milwaukee native, chose Maryland over both UConn and Wisconsin last March. So it's an interesting subplot at Madison Square Garden.

Asked Kevin Ollie if he had gotten to know Stone well during the recruiting process, and he responded, with a smile, "I guess I didn't get to know him well enough."

He then added:

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