Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not much change to this week's AP Top 25 ballot

Teams that were in my Top 25 last week went a combined 39-8, including a perfect 14-0 among my top seven. So, not much room for movement in this week's poll, though I did manage to eject Ohio State and Oklahoma State and add Providence and Murray State.

First, a couple of other things. Hard to believe, but Daniel Hamilton was once considered a selfish player. The same Daniel Hamilton who dished out nine assists on Sunday, went for every rebound with ferocity and dominated the final minutes of a game without hitting a shot.

That Daniel Hamilton.

What an impressive player. If he hadn't already, Hamilton has no doubt secured AAC rookie of the year honors. Kid's got a terrific future. I mean, if you're a big man, do you not want to play alongside a kid who is always looking to make the pass -- and usually makes a good one?

Second, I'd like to thank all the people that came to Sunday's book signing(s). Great meeting all of you, and hope you enjoy the book.

And now, my Top 25 ballot this week:

1. Kentucky
2. Wisconsin
3. Duke
4. Virginia
5. Gonzaga
6. Villanova
7. Arizona
8. Kansas
9. Northern Iowa
10. Iowa State
11. Notre Dame
12. Utah
13. Wichita State
14. Louisville
15. Maryland
16. SMU
17. Arkansas
18. West Virginia
19. North Carolina
20. Oklahoma
21. VCU
22. Baylor
23. Providence
24. Butler
25. Murray State



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the lobs are fools gold. they only happen against coppins of world and baby teams like today with tiny, slow fourcorts. i wonder why it does not happen vs temple, smu, memphis and is never attempted vs dook, utexas, wvirginia et al. cause some clubs actually have bonafide div I playas.

February 23, 2015 at 12:27 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is story with lubin? He was brought north probably by the southern recruiting guru, rickymore; why? was it a case of just filling schollie for practice player? listed at sixeight. no true. stands next to terrence and maybe lubin inch and half taller. man has short legs. what is his role? is he candidate for preferred walk on status? man seems slow and if coaches never use him, his decision making will stay slow. this team roster is built with no common sense. improvement in fitting parts of roster together seem like after the fact. dont they evaluate parts before adding them to core? to train a man in reasonable time, considering on four yrs max to do it; how can this staff work with the men they add to team when many have not played much basketball before they arrived. why list a man sixeight when he is not? is staff trying to impress someone? what is story with casel and calhoun? could they be preferred walkons? they want to contribute and try hard but it is not in their dna. a coach cant get something from not much. seems danny is only recruit of current regime a coach can work with. what the heck is going on? this staff of assistants contributes what? just a bunch of former guards; not wonder theydont recruit div one frontcourt guys. does freeman do any recruiting;appears not. i notice miller is being sent on recruiting trips by self. i now this, if im recruiting cris smith in father panic village in bridgeport, i am not going with glenmiller. this whole scenario is not making much sense. hence to recruits of needed value coming to storrs. camera on tv pans bench and same blank expression on rickmore all the time. camera shows hobbs with unusal look of it seems disbelief and confusion. anticoach just acts like frustrated child with his mannerisms. freeman has same stoic look all the time with no smile or anyemotion. miller just puts his face in clip board to look like lil scientist in white coat. staff like it when player falls in their lap like rodney. then they dont have to recruit that much . but did they study rodney traits; probably not by looks of things; they were just so happy to have a labeled mcdonalds man but many mcdonalds men are not very good if you look up last five years on all of them you will see many were not contributors to their teams. i am surprised coaches would believe the hype and then brag to fanbase that rod was best player on team during fourteen champ yr. this sounds like lack of effort and work ethic in recruiting realm. a ten yr old can see that casel is a nice man and all but he is not a div one player. can he be a preferred walkon maybe to open a schollie for a needed skill player? terrence is a nice man but he tries hard but he can only do a little. would you take an honors student from high school and place him on staff of dr. werner von braun at nasa and expect ok contributions? i hope not. can nolan be a preferred walk on. he is a nice man and teammate and tries his best but what can he do against elite opponents his size who outjump him, outrun him and pass and shoot circles around the poor man. facey is a nice young man; he tries his best but only playing ball for few yrs before clg puts him in a situation for failing. what are these coaches doing? this is div one ball; you cannot compete like this. the other teams show no mercy. team looks good against coppin because of all this. that coaching staff is puzzling. if they cannot get a player to score a passing grade on a pretest of trainable skills needed to be able to get coached up, four years wont be enough to build a team that can compete except maybe the last semester they are together. a very poor grouping of coaches that dont fit together to create any kind of synergistic gestalt and the same description applies to all the players in the performer category. old saying; only those that cant do various tasks go on to teach them. in the case of frontcourt especially, a bonafide former clg bigman must be hired who can also teach. teaching; isnt that what clg is for?

February 23, 2015 at 6:32 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is story with rodney? appears to be a nice fella, smiles alot on tv,likes to celebrate on court after positiveplays, seems to communicate with mates etc. listed at sixfore, but does not look like it; maybe 6-1.5 stretching to sixtoo. guy who records heights for players needs to get a better ruler. this rodney does not give any basketball jones jive vibe. tuning up my esp n placing this man in future, his future is not hoops for cash. seems to have good speed, average hops (provides no boarding per se), wants little contact under bords, does not pass with purpose and results show nil assists per se), this man very limited game to be polite. man has not much shooting form, technique is noticeably flaws from various concepts, not much elevation on shots, assortment of shots and shot selection poor ad infinitum. this man tries hard but what can be expected when big time teams field men against him that outskill him ten to one. this man probably could make cash on soccer field first, fotbol field second. track and field is third option for him. he does not help his mates on hoop court get better 1 iota. generally when he enters game hometeam loses one player and opponent gains one so bigdogs play their four vs badguys six. no win situation against viable competition. this man overall has no fun on hardwood as he tries so so hard but he is overmatched so through no fault of his he is frustrated because somebody told him he is basketball playa and why he believes it i dont no but his coaches throughout his career have done him wrong. too bad cause man is nice and deserves better. with courant anticoaching staff bigdogs are becoming puppies. too bad. its not like it hasnt happened before. i matriculated storrs sixtyeight to seventyto and saw lowest point in history five and nineteen club under burr carlson. witnessed dee rowe struggles for three yrs in fieldhouse with only big win vs rhody in seventy when club had only five men suit up to stall ball to victory with doug melody at the pt dribbling his heart out for home team. it seems the currant anticoachesfive have just landed at old stomping grounds that are kind to them so they dont have to wait in unemployment lines. dogs bosses need to wake up majorly. this philosophy of homerism for old heroes is sad. clg is not only to learn from professors but also from students from many different walks of life from many parts of world to crossfertilize the four yr experience to max out benefits. this antistaff is not staffing roster and shafting program due to no fault of their own because they dont have enough required dna to compete at aac level, let alone ncaa level without jimhalloffame enrollees. now jims men are gone and burr carlson era part II is upon huskynation. i have seen it before with burr, rowe, perno and jimm yr uno nine wins nineteen losses. no big deal, its only bunch of guys wit short pants running around now showing they no not what they dooz or showing decisions indicating not knowing which which be which.

February 24, 2015 at 5:28 AM 

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