Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ryan Boatright: "It's no secret. We're gonna have to win the (AAC) tournament"

Ryan Boatright tells it like it is, which is refreshing. Never mind all the talk of a weak bubble, etc., etc. -- UConn's only real chance for a chance to defend its national title is to win next month's AAC tournament in Hartford.

Here's some more of what Boatright and Kevin Ollie had to say heading into Thursday night's clash with Memphis at FedExForum.


(on the ups and downs of this team)

“It’s irritating, it’s frustrating. But it’s my job, as the captain of this team, to stay with it and stay positive.”

“I’m always confident going into a game. It’s gonna be a tough game. You can’t look past anybody. They haven’t had a great season as well. They’re hungry to get a win, just like us. We’re on the road, where we have trouble. It’s gonna be a tough game. We’ve got to go in there and have the right mindset.”


(on whether the team prepares any differently knowing Austin Nichols, Memphis's best player who's missed the last two games, may not play)

"We're gonna stay pat with what we do. We're prepared for him to play. It doesn't change anything."

“They’ve got two bigs that are playing well, when Nichols is out there. They get in transition -- that’s a big key. Makes or misses, they’re out, kinda like Tulsa. We struggled with that against SMU, so hopefully we can do a better job.”

(on whether Kedren Johnson has solidified the point guard position, which Memphis struggled at earlier this season)

"Yeah. Johnson and (D'Kar) Cunningham. Cunningham is a blur when he gets in the game. He’s adding a new dimension to their team, pushing it up."

“(Johnson) had a phenomonal season at Vanderbilt, probably was gettiing acclimated to what Josh wants, definitely getting in better shape, pushing the ball, shooting it better. They pose a challenge. But it definitely starts from the inside out with them.”

Ollie said Sam Cassell, Jr. will have an MRI on the hairline fracture in his leg next week. The swelling and inflammation are down, but the MRI will determine whether he plays again this season.

(on walk-on Dan Guest of West Hartford)

“He’s been playing very, very well in practice, putting pressure on our defense, breaking guards down, getting in the thick of the defense. If it comes down to it, we might throw him in there for a couple of minutes to make plays for us. You never know.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

UCONN has no movement with purpose off the mohinder. This is the anticoach . Big dogs have no firepower to compound the problem. They have no forecourt to exacerbate it. Notice how point guard pounds rock for 30+ seconds on many possessions demonstrating quick moves between legs and behind back several times that lead to nothing as defender lays back and admires it all. The lil star is not a point guard. He does not see well over taller double teams to make the correct pass not that it would matter with collection of mates who dont wish to receive it as demonstrated by their nonverbal cues of hot potato. Anticoach is just pushing envelope to attempt to get Chicago star into nba as return favor for windycity gent returning for senior year. Welcome to peachbasket style hoops circa pre 1950.

February 19, 2015 at 7:58 AM 

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