Monday, August 4, 2014

Book it: My book on UConn's run to a fourth national title is complete

So UConn's run to a fourth national title, a year after being banned from the NCAA tournament altogether, is worthy of a movie, right? Or at least some sort of book? You know -- program in peril, Hall of Fame coach retires, replaced by a guy with no prior head coaching experience at any level, program gets shunned by conference realignment, recruiting suffers, etc., etc. Pretty good story, right?

Right. Perfect story for a book, unless the author goes and messes it all up. Hopefully, I didn't do that.

Yes, I've written a book about UConn's run to a title. It basically encompasses the past two seasons, starting at Kevin Ollie's introductory press conference (or was it Jim Calhoun's farewell press conference?) and ending in Dallas, along with the aftermath of the national title (NBA draft, Ollie NBA rumors, etc.).

I sent my manuscript in to University Press of New England on Friday. Still no official title yet, but there are a few in play right now (any suggestions?). I wish the book would be out before the 2014-15 season begins, but unfortunately, that's impossible. It should hit bookstores by January or early-February (possible a little earlier in eBook form). 

Here's the thing: as I pitched the book to different publishers, one thing I heard back from many of them is, "UConn books don't sell." In fact, one publishing company told me that, once the Elite Eight teams were known back in late-March, it got a hold of seven different authors to do books on seven different teams -- Florida, Michigan State, Kentucky, Wisconsin, etc. The one school it didn't bother to contact? UConn. Again, "UConn books don't sell."

Hopefully, that changes a little bit this time around. Obviously, it's an intriguing story, one I'm hoping not only UConn fans but college basketball -- and sports --- fans in general can enjoy. Provided, of course, that the author didn't muck it all up.

So anyway, be on the lookout in January for this book. And I guess what I'm trying to say is: Prove the book publishers wrong. Show 'em that UConn books do sell!!!!

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