Friday, April 25, 2014

DeAndre Daniels Heading to NBA, Ryan Boatright Remaining at UConn

DeAndre Daniels is heading to the NBA. Ryan Boatright is staying in Storrs. Both are probably the correct decisions.

According to a pair of mock draft sites, Daniels could go in the late first round. has him going to Houston with the 25th overall pick, while foresees him going No. 27 to Phoenix.

Two veteran NBA scouts, however, aren’t so sure Daniels will land in the first round.

“I don’t know if he’s had enough of a body of work for the next level,” said an Eastern Conference scout. “Obviously, he helped himself out in the NCAA tournament. He’s got NBA length, NBA athleticism, a decent skill set, he played very well late in the season. But he hasn’t demonstrated consistently high-level play. He’s too in-and-out, too much time missing in action, which I think will make him a second-rounder.”

Added a Western Conference scout: “I don’t think it’s a good decision. I know he had a good tournament, maybe someone got caught up in the hype. I could be out of the mainstream on that. What’s the guy weigh, 180 pounds? That’s kinda silly. He’s got to get a lot stronger. Maybe he’s getting some better advice than I know about. Maybe he would be a late first-round pick. I could be all wrong on that one. I haven’t really re-calibrated since the hype of the Final Four.”

Boatright, meanwhile, is probably making the right choice by staying for his senior season. He likely wouldn't have been drafted this year, but a strong year, in which he can prove his leadership skills without Shabazz Napier around, could boost his stock.

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