Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shabazz Throws First Pitch: Amida Brimah May Need Surgery; Jessie Govan Update

First, the bad news: Amida Brimah's left shoulder bothered him for most of his freshman season. On Wednesday, he will meet with doctors to determine whether he needs surgery.

Nothing's been determined yet, and Brimah will discuss his options with doctors, as well as his guardian and others. If surgery is necessary, he would be sidelined for about four months -- or until August. He'd essentially be on the same rehab regimen as Rodney Purvis, who had shoulder surgery this past December. Purvis said he was just cleared for all basketball-related activities a few weeks ago.

That could be one of the factors in determining whether or not Brimah has surgery. This is an important offseason for his development, and losing four months of it would obviously affect that.

*** Some scenes from Fenway tonight, where Shabazz Napier threw out the ceremonial first pitch and Big Papi showed some UConn love:

*** Kevin Ollie had an in-home visit with Jessie Govan on Friday. Govan's AAU coach, former UMass standout Dana Dingle, said it went well, but that Govan is in no rush to make a decision.

"He's still wide-open," Dingle said. "So far he's had four home visits, and they've all gone pretty well. Now, college coaches get to come and see him."

Govan, a 6-10 Class of 2015, has had in-homes from UConn, Seton Hall, Georgetown and Stanford the past couple of weeks.

Dingle was once a highly recruited player himself, so he's giving him the best advice he can.

"All I can do is tell him, make sure you’re comfortable, no question’s a dumb question, make sure the school, the situation are everything you're looking for. And make sure you have a good relationship with the coach."

As for UConn: "He likes it. He likes Coach Ollie, likes the staff. They’re in a good place right now."

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