Friday, April 18, 2014

Daniel Hamilton: "I Love it Out Here"

Daniel Hamilton had 10 points and two rebounds Friday night for the West Team in the Jordan Brand Classic game at the Barclays Center. Hamilton started but played just 11 minutes as the East beat the West, 158-147, in a defense-optional game.

Here's some of what Hamilton had to say afterwards:

(on watching UConn's national championship victory)

“I was just so happy for Coach Ollie. Everybody around the house was so happy. We had, like, 13 people there.”

(on his game Friday night, as well as a championship of his own he recently won)

(on what he'll bring to UConn next season)

“I think I can bring my versatility, coming in playing shooting guard, small forward, being able to push it on the break and being able to get our players involved and being able to pull up for jumpers and stuff like that.”

(on whether DeAndre Daniels, whom he's known for many years, will return to UConn for his senior season or turn pro)

“I’ll just let him decide. I’ll let him do his own thing, but I haven’t talked to him about it. Most definitely, I’d love to play with him, especially since I’ve known him probably all my life. We’ll be able to have another chance at a run if he comes back. We’ll be that much better, because he’s a force. A lot of power forwards can’t guard him at that position, because he can put it on the floor and he can shoot, so it’s hard to guard him.”

(on whether UConn's national title will attract more top-notch recruits to Storrs)

“It’ll be easier for Coach Ollie (on the recruiting trail), I think, especially now. The way he coaches the players, it looks like a family. That’s what got me. Two years ago, when they played against Michigan State in that Army game, the way they looked like a family, they all got together and, man, that just touched me. That’s when I figured out I was going there.”

(on playing on the East Coast)

“I love it out here. The fans, they all love you and embrace you. That’s why I like it out here, because there’s no haters.”

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