Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Successful Surgery for Rodney Purvis

Kevin Ollie talked about Rodney Purvis's shoulder surgery (which went successfully this morning) at practice on Tuesday:

"It’s just been popping in and out, he’ll get an episode, it’ll pop out and he’ll be in pain. We just don’t want it to continue to tear. I imagine it’s small now, but if you let it continue to tear each and every time it comes out of place, that’s when you get in trouble. Then you get hit next year in a big game, he’ll be out 4-5 months next year, we want to delete that altogether. It might be something else happening, but it won’t be a torn labrum where he can’t perform because of the shoulder injury."

"It’s his non-shooting shoulder. He’s going to have to have it stabilized for four weeks. After that, not good-to-go, but he’ll be able to move it around and maneuver it a little more.”

“I wouldn’t want it next year when we’re going down to Gainesville. IF you look at it that way, it’s a good time for him to do it. Of course we’d like him full-strength healthy and he can perform out here. But, if we had to do it, this would be probably the best time. At least it didn’t happen later on, during the season, where it’d be prolonged into the off-season. Now, four months, hopefully, on the safe side … he can get back for our spring session and start working out with the coaches in the summertime.”

*** Meanwhile, Omar Calhoun sprained his ankle near the end of practice on Tuesday, but it doesn't appear to be a concern.

"He's from Brooklyn," Ollie noted, "so I'm pretty sure he'll be out there."

The Huskies, of course, host Stanford on Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Hartford. More on that to come ...

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