Sunday, December 8, 2013

My AP Top 25 Ballot This Week

Here's my AP Top 25 ballot I'll be submitting tomorrow morning. Goodbye, Michigan and Dayton. Welcome back, North Carolina. And welcome, Toledo. Toledo? Sure, why not? The Mud Hens ... er, Rockets are 8-0 and are third in the nation in scoring (90.5 per game) and fifth in field-goal percentage (52.1 percent). They beat Boston College in Chestnut Hill (OK, that's not as impressive as originally thought), and have also defeated Robert Morris on the road and Stony Brook on a neutral floor.

Sure, there are more high-profile programs worthy of a ranking (Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, New Mexico). But I always like to reserve at least one spot for the little guys, so Toledo's in this week.

UConn jumps a spot on my ballot, from No. 11 to 10.

1.       Arizona                                 
2.       Oklahoma State                               
3.       Syracuse                              
4.       Ohio State                           
5.       Michigan State                  
6.       Louisville                              
7.       Kentucky                             
8.       Kansas                                  
9.       Duke                                     
10.   Connecticut                        
11.   Oregon                                 
12.   Wisconsin                            
13.   Wichita State                     
14.   Iowa State                          
15.   Gonzaga                              
16.   Villanova                              
17.   Florida                                  
18.   North Carolina                   
19.   Memphis                             
20.   Massachusetts                  
21.   Baylor                                   
22.   UCLA                                     
23.   VCU                                       
24.   San Diego State                               
25.   Toledo                                  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you have okst 2 and Memphis 19?

December 9, 2013 at 1:05 AM 

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