Sunday, December 15, 2013

My AP Top 25 Ballot This Week

Not much change in my Top 25 ballot this week, though UConn (and a few others) move up a spot despite not playing a game. Why? Because Kentucky and Kansas, whom I had ranked No.'s 7 and 8 last week, respectively, both lost. Both dropped quite a bit in my poll, even though losses at North Carolina (Kentucky) and at Florida (Kansas), are hardly embarrassing. Fact is, both teams have three losses now, and I probably had them ranked too high last week, anyway.

Only team to get bounced from my ranking this week is VCU, which lost to Northern Iowa and clearly isn't as good as a lot of people (myself included) expected. Sliding in is Colorado. Interesting game next Saturday when the Buffs face Oklahoma State. I'm holding out for the Cowboys at No. 2 for now, but that could easily change next week.

1.       Arizona
2.       Oklahoma State
3.       Syracuse
4.       Ohio State
5.       Michigan State
6.       Louisville
7.       Wisconsin
8.       Duke
9.       Connecticut
10.   Oregon
11.   Wichita State
12.   Iowa State
13.   Gonzaga
14.   Villanova
15.   Florida
16.   North Carolina
17.   Kentucky
18.   Kansas
19.   Memphis
20.   Massachusetts
21.   Baylor
22.   UCLA
23.   Colorado
24.   San Diego State
25.   Toledo


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