Friday, June 22, 2012

NBA Front Office Source, Scout Assess Andre Drummond, Jeremy Lamb Draft Stock

Talked to a high-ranking NBA front office source and an NBA scout today on what they think of Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb, and what both players should be expecting at the NBA Draft Thursday night in Newark.

On Drummond:

Front office source: "I'm hearing Drummond anywhere from 5-10, that's probably his range. Teams love his potential, his body, his athleticism. He's going to be pretty strong. He's a good shot-blocker, moves his feet pretty well. The concerns are free-throw shooting -- shooting in general -- but his free-throw shooting is poor. And, what kind of motor he has. He doesn't have the reputation of being a great worker, a self-starter. I hear he's a nice kid, but not a self-starter."

Eastern Conference scout: "I've got Drummond 2 to 8. He's the best physical specimen in the draft, without a doubt. He's physically the most gifted kid. There's questions about his skills set, his understanding of the game, and some questions about his motor and his desire. When he gets the money and becomes a rich young man, which he will very shortly, how motivated will he be?

"On some boards, he's in almost a separate category. He could be a big star ... or a big bust."

Drummond apparently recently worked out for the Charlotte Bobcats, who currently own the No. 2 overall pick.

On Lamb:

Front office source: "I've heard 7 to 14 or 15 (overall). Obviously he's a very long, graceful athlete. He has the ability to play up against competition. He was one of the better players, probably the best player, on the Team USA U-19 team in Latvia last summer. He kind of carried that team. His versatility's intriguing. He shoots the ball well enough, though he needs to get a little better as a shooter. There aren't gaping holes in his game. Obviously, he needs to get stronger, be a little better as a shooter. The (UConn) coaches did have good things to say about his work ethic -- coming back at night, getting up extra shots. He's a bit of a low-energy kid, he's got that sleepy look to him. But the coaching staff says, 'Don't let that fool you. He will come back and do the work. You may have to push him some in games, though.'"

Along with the sprained ankle Lamb suffered last week barely five minutes into a workout with Toronto, there are some questions about Lamb's right. The front office source said Lamb's shoulder is "a little loose" -- meaning it has the tendency to pop out of joint.

"It's not a major thing, according to our doctors, but it's something he may need to get minor surgery on to tighten it up. It can pop out of joint easily and he gets a shooting pain. It's not a major surgery, there's no risk to it. He's had it pop out and shift around on him before. It's something where, if it repeated ... it could become an issue some season."

*** If you believe in mock drafts, both and have Drummond going sixth overall to Portland and Lamb eighth to the Raptors. Take that for what it's worth.

*** Oh, and this on Shabazz Napier, who recently left the Puerto Rican national team: Napier was experiencing what the UConn medical staff is terming "symptomatic discomfort" in his right foot --- the same foot that bothered him during last season, but not the same injury. He will be in a walking boot for the next six weeks to relieve any stress and then it will be re-evaluated.

The UConn medical staff feels he made the right decision to come home (from Puerto Rico) and have it treated rather than try to play on it and run the risk that it might have developed into something that could affect the upcoming season. He is at home and expected to be back on campus for the second session of summer school.

By all accounts, this is not a big deal, folks.

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