Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jim Calhoun Won't Play in Travelers Pro-Am

Jim Calhoun won't be playing in the Travelers Championship pro-am on Wednesday, as he often does, but don't put anything into it. No issues or problems, physical or otherwise -- apparently, he just doesn't feel like playing.

UConn is slated to be represented by George Blaney, Geno Auriemma (that oughta be interesting), Chris Dailey and Warde Manuel.

It's not the first time Calhoun hasn't played, and look at it this way: he doesn't have to field any APR questions.

Ah yes, the APR. The NCAA will officially release APR scores for the four-year cycle from the 2007-2011 academic years tomorrow. UConn will notch a 978 for the past '10-11 school year and an 889 for the four-year cycle, the latter leaving it short of the threshold to qualify for postseason play next year.

The Huskies are expected to get a similar score in the 978 area for the '11-12 year, but there are still things to be determined. For instance, there apparently is still some question how much (if at all) Alex Oriakhi's transfer will effect UConn's score, since he received a waiver to transfer to Missouri and play immediately.

At least we know there are no APR problems with the Huskies' golf, cross country and tennis teams.

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