Friday, July 15, 2011

Ater Majok: 'Whatever Happened, Happened'

Ater Majok promises that "one day", he'll shed light on why he left UConn last September under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

Just not today.

Here's a little of what Majok said prior to a Greater Hartford Pro-Am game Friday night:

(on being drafted by the Lakers in the second round)

"It's great, man. I'm a Laker now. It's a whole new beginning for me."

"They've said nothing's been handed to you, we've thrown you a life line and I've got to work for everything. They told me what I need to do to make the team, so I've just got to keep working hard."

"I'm playing in different pro-ams, just trying to get into as many games as possible."

(on UConn)

"Whatever happened, happened. I never wanted to leave UConn. They're good guys, I went back today."

"No, no hard feelings with anybody there. I was there yesterday, I spoke to Coach Calhoun, Coach Blaney. I'm a Husky, and I'll always be a Husky."

(on watching UConn's run to a national title this past spring)

"I'm gonna tell you the truth: it was tough ... I know I was part of that team, but because of things that happened, I wasn't able to. I was really happy for Kemba, he carried that team."

"I was eligible (to play)."



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