Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Skinny on DeAndre Daniels ...

... is, well ... he's skinny. As in real thin. Watching him this afternoon at the Greater Hartford Pro-Am, he's obviously got serious athleticism and ability. Like most young players in this league, however, he's having a bit of a tough time getting acclimated to the size, strength and experience of some of the players in this league.

That's not a big concern. Neither is the fact that he's leaner than even Jeremy Lamb. Or that he picked up three fouls in the first quarter. But there's no doubt he needs to put on some muscle for the Big East wars.

Daniels is on the Springfield Slamm along with Ryan Boatright. Boatright has looked pretty good at the point, making a nice driving layup and looking very assertive for a young kid playing in this league for the first time.

Here's Boatright driving to the hole for a bucket:

Elsewhere ...

Kemba Walker is in the house. He walked in with Boatright, Daniels and Shabazz Napier. Nice for those young players to have a friend and mentor like Kemba, no doubt.

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