Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sellers, Archibald Resign

UConn assistant coach Patrick Sellers and director of basketball operations Beau Archibald have resigned from the program over the past week, according to a source.

Their resignations stem from a letter of allegations that UConn recently received from the NCAA, alleging that the men’s basketball program committed infractions. UConn has 90 days to respond to those allegations and implement self-imposed sanctions. The NCAA would then either accept or change those suggestions.

It looks like the Huskies could be looking at a reduction of one or two scholarships, probably not for next season but spread out over the next few seasons, and potentially fewer recruiting visits, as well.

Sellers and Archibald are the only two members of UConn’s current staff that have been and will be let go. Apparently, Tom Moore is completely in the clear, according to his lawyer.

It appears that the resignations of Sellers and Archibald may have less to do with the alleged recruiting violations, but rather with their dealings with the NCAA during its investigation.

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