Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birth of the Cool

Sorry, couldn't resist. When I heard about one of UConn's potential new recruits, Myles Davis, the first thing I could think of was the legendary jazz musician (different spelling, I know). And since 'Bitches Brew' wouldn't have been a very politically correct title of this blog, I went with one of Davis' earliest and most influential albums.

Either way, if UConn signs this kid, I'm really going to have to resist the cheesy jazz references throughout his Husky career. Especially if they sign a kid named John Coltrane, too (relax, he's a jazz musician, too, not an under-the-radar recruit).

Anyway, seems like Villanova is in the lead for Davis' services, but he certainly likes Storrs, as well.

“UConn is another guard-oriented school and I know they know what they are doing,” Davis told Adam Zagoira. “I went there for an unofficial. I worked out with the guys. I worked out with Kemba [Walker] and Shabazz Napier. C.J. Leslie was down there. I got to run with the guys.

“They just had a bad year last year.”

Apparently, Georgetown is in the running, as well.

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