Friday, November 6, 2009

Anderson, Austrie, Miles Drafted

Rashad Anderson, Craig Austrie and Nate Miles were each selected in the 2009 NBDL Draft on Thursday night. Anderson went with the ninth overall pick to the Iowa Energy, Austrie was the third pick in the fourth round by the Springfield Armor, and Miles was taken with the fourth pick of the sixth round by the Sioux City Skyforce.

Here are all the selections of the eight-round draft for the NBA's official minor league. About 20 percent of all current NBA players have D-League experience.

First Round
1. Carlos Powell, Albuquerque Thunderbirds
2. Donell Taylor, Erie BayHawks
3. Deron Washington, Los Angeles D-Fenders
4. Amara Sy, Bakersfield Jam
5. Garret Siler, Utah Flash
6. Alonzo Gee, Austin Toros
7. Desmon Farmer, Reno BigHorns
8. Paul Harris, Maine Red Claws
9. Rashad Anderson, Iowa Energy
10. Alade Aminu, Fort Wayne
11. Curtis Withers, Dakota Wizards
12. Antonio Anderson, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
13. Raymond Sykes, Sioux Falls Skyforce
14. JamesOn Curry, Springfield Armor
15. Sundiata Gaines, Idaho Stampede
16. Latavious Williams, Tulsa 66ers

Second Round
1. Mustafa Shakur, Tulsa 66ers
2. Dar Tucker, Idaho Stampede
3. Major Wingate, Springfield Armor
4. Pete Campbell, Sioux Falls Skyforce
5. Jonathan Wallace, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
6. Doug Thomas, Dakota Wizards
7. Frank Tolbert, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
8. Pat Carroll, Iowa Energy
9. Darnell Lazare, Maine Red Claws
10. Haminn Quaintance, Reno Bighorns
11. Russell Carter, Austin Toros
12. Orien Greene, Utah Flash
13. Reece Gaines, Bakersfield Jam
14. Alan Wiggins, Los Angeles D-Fenders
15. John Bryant, Erie BayHawks
16. Chad Toppert, Albuquerque Thunderbirds

Third Round
1. Erek Hansen, Albuquerque Thunderbirds
2. Martin Zeno, Erie BayHawks
3. Jeremy Wise, Los Angeles D-Fenders
4. Anthony Goods, Bakersfield Jam
5. Kevin Goffney, Utah Flash
6. Lewis Clinch, Austin Toros
7. Chris Lowe, Reno Bighorns
8. Frank Young, Maine Red Claws
9. Sean Barnette, Iowa Energy
10. Jamelle Cornley, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
11. Marcus Dove, Dakota Wizards
12. Jamarcus Ellis, Rio Grande Valley
13. Reggie Williams, Sioux Falls Skyforce
14. James Cripe, Springfield Armor
15. Delonte Holland, Idaho Stampede
16. Cecil Brown, Tulsa 66ers

Fourth Round
1. Jeral Davis, Tulsa 66ers
2. T.J. Cummings, Idaho Stampede
3. Craig Austrie, Springfield Armor
4. Leemire Goldwire, Sioux Falls Skyforce
5. Mickell Gladness, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
6. D’Lancy Carter, Dakota Wizards
7. Booker Woodfox, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
8. Carl Mitchell, Iowa Energy
9. Gary Ervin, Maine Red Claws
10. Louis Graham, Reno Bighorns
11. Ira Brown, Austin Toros
12. Jason Richards, Utah Flash
13. Jared Newson, Bakersfield Jam
14. Christopher Hayes, Los Angeles D-Fenders
15. Derrick Mercer, Erie BayHawks
16. Yaroslav Korolev, Albuquerque Thunderbirds

Fifth Round
1. Shagari Alleyne, Albuquerque Thunderbirds
2. Rod Wilmont, Erie BayHawks
3. Christopher Moore, Los Angeles D-Fenders
4. Lance Hurdle, Bakersfield Jam
5. Joe Darger, Utah Flash
6. David McClure, Austin Toros
7. Terry Martin, Reno Bighorns
8. Scooter McFadgon, Maine Red Claws
9. Joah Tucker, Iowa Energy
10. Lenny Stokes, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
11. Jason Straight, Dakota Wizards
12. Kenny Dawkins, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
13. Draezon Burns, Sioux Falls Skyforce
14. DeSean White, Springfield Armor
15. J.C. Mathis, Idaho Stampede
16. Mitchell Johnson, Tulsa 66ers

Sixth Round
1. Keena Young, Tulsa 66ers
2. Mike Gansey, Idaho Stampede
3. Perrin Johnson, Springfield Armor
4. Nate Miles, Sioux Falls Skyforce
5. Antoine Hood, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
6. Darren Cooper, Dakota Wizards
7. C.J. Anderson, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
8. Casey Love, Iowa Energy
9. Anthony Terrell, Maine Red Claws
10. Jermaine Johnson, Reno Bighorns
11. Quemont Greer, Austin Toros
12. Travis Holmes, Utah Flash
13. Chris Ayer, Bakersfield Jam
14. Charlie Parker, Los Angeles D-Fenders
15. Jeff Skemp, Erie BayHawks
16. J’Nathan Bullock, Albuquerque Thunderbirds

Seventh Round
1. Garrison Carr, Albuquerque Thunderbirds
2. Ryan Troutman, Erie BayHawks
3. Moustafa N’Doye, Los Angeles D-Fenders
4. Ramon Dyer, Bakersfield Jam
5. Alain Laroche, Utah Flash
6. Augustine Okosun, Austin Toros
7. Chris Davis, Reno Bighorns
8. Tony Bobbitt, Maine Red Claws
9. Russell Hicks, Iowa Energy
10. Andres Sandoval, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
11. Rashaad Powell, Dakota Wizards
12. Rashad Woods, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
13. Rodney Alexander, Sioux Falls Skyforce
14. Brandon Jones, Springfield Armor
15. Bryson McKenzie, Idaho Stampede
16. Adam McCoy, Tulsa 66ers

Eighth Round
1. Tim Parham, Tulsa 66res
2. Vince Oliver, Idaho Stampede
3. Brayden Billbe, Springfield Armor
4. Lawrence McKenzie, Sioux Falls Skyforce
5. DeAngelo Alexander, Rio Grande Valley Vipers
6. Jimmy Binnie, Dakota Wizards
7. A.J. Ratliff, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
8. Marcus Walker, Iowa Energy
9. Matt Clement, Maine Red Claws
10. Ron Allen, Reno Bighorns
11. D’Mond Grismore, Austin Toros
12. Jordan Brady, Utah Flash
13. Stephen McDowell, Bakersfield Jam
14. Travis Pinick, Los Angeles D-Fenders
15. Zachary Sowers, Erie BayHawks
16. Brian Kortovich, Albuquerque Thunderbirds

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