Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poll-ish Jokes

Here's the 2009-10 Big East Preseason Coaches' Poll. I'm pretty cool with this. UConn could be slotted anywhere from about 3-6, in my book, but I'd rate them slightly ahead of Louisville, Georgetown and Syracuse (assuming Ater Majok blossoms, the freshmen contribute, Stanley Robinson stays consistent, etc., etc. ...).

1. Villanova (10) 218
2. West Virginia (5) 215
3. UConn (1) 185
4. Louisville 179
5. Georgetown 161
6. Syracuse 152
7. Cincinnati 135
8. Notre Dame 132
9. Pittsburgh 119
10. Seton Hall 110
11. St. John's 82
12. Marquette 78
13. Providence 52
14. South Florida 44
15. Rutgers 43
16. DePaul 15

First-place votes in parentheses

What's more intriguing is how all over the map the various national preseason polls rate the Huskies (and other Big East teams, for that matter).

Blue Ribbon Yearbook has Villanova No. 4, West Virginia No. 12, Syracuse No. 15, UConn No. 18 and Georgetown No. 24.

Athlon Sports: Villanova No. 7, WVU No. 10, UConn No. 11, Louisville No. 19 and Georgetown No. 21.

Sporting News: WVU No. 4, Villanova No. 9, Georgetown No. 11, UConn No. 15, LouisvilleNo. 16 and Notre Dame No. 22. Villanova No. 4, WVU No. 9, Georgetown No. 18 and UConn down at No. 25. has UConn ranked all the way at No. 7. Villanova's No. 6, WVU No. 9, Louisville No. 22 and Georgetown No. 24.

And Lindy's doesn't have UConn ranked at all! They've got 'Nova No. 4, 'Ville No. 15 and WVU No. 18.

None of this means a thing, of course, other than the fact that parity should be the name of the game both in the Big East and nationally this season.

The one constant: all six polls have Kansas ranked No. 1.

Lindy's: Villanova No. 4, Louisville No. 15, WU No. 18.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, what ever happened to Denham brown and Rashad Anderson, i heard Brown was in the D-League but nothing more. I think Rashad plays in Italy? those guys were great role players and contributed greatly to the teams success

October 21, 2009 at 9:44 PM 
Blogger David Borges said...

Denham Brown played in the "D" League last year for the Iowa Energy. The league's 2009 draft is coming up the first week of November.

Last I checked, Rashad Anderson was playing in Italy.

October 21, 2009 at 9:54 PM 

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