Friday, October 16, 2009

Dunk You Very Much

Good crowd tonight, a little under 10,000, we're estimating. Definitely bigger than last year. R&B stars Lloyd and Amerie performed, and also served as judges to the dunk contest, along with Donyell Marshall and Shea Ralph.

The team of Stanley Robinson and Maya Moore defeated Jerome Dyson and Tina Charles in the dunk contest.

Here's some dunk contest footage. First, Jerome Dyson's windmill:

And here's Sticks doing his thing and getting a perfect score from the judges -- including Lloyd, a very tough grader:

Here, Dyson tries (unsuccessfully) to get a little help from his friend, Kemba Walker:

And here, Robinson gets a lift from Gavin Edwards in what can't be considered one of his better dunks:

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