Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Louisville Sluggers

Police have added charges against two University of Louisville basketball players arrested following a fight at a southern Indiana restaurant.

Louisville senior guard Jerry Smith and sophomore forward Terrence Jennings were arrested early Sunday morning and charged with resisting arrest when off-duty police tried to break up a fight at an alumni homecoming party.

Jeffersonville Police Detective Todd Hollis says charges of battery and disorderly conduct against the two players were added on Sunday evening by the arresting officer.

Police struck Jennings twice with a Taser while he struggled with officers, and Smith refused a request to back away while checking on his teammate. The two were released Sunday morning. No court date has been set.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino says the matter will be handled internally.

The last line raises the issue of what a precarious position (no pun intended) Pitino finds himself in after his romps with Karen Sypher were revealed. Exactly how does he administer punishment to his players when he has shown remarkably poor judgment and behavior in the past?

Interesting to see how this works out.

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