Thursday, May 28, 2015

UConn lands another top-notch transfer: Terry Larrier

Just had a phone conversation with Terry Larrier, who will be transferring to UConn from VCU. He'll be in Storrs "soon," he said, to begin summer classes. Larrier will have to sit out next season per NCAA transfer rules.


(why UConn?)

"My relationship with Kevin Ollie and what he's done with the program so far. I just felt comfortable with him. I can't wait to play for him."

(how close between VCU and UConn two years ago?)

"It was pretty close. It was a tough decision. Shaka (Smart) started recruiting me before UConn, even though me and Kevin Ollie had a good relationship then. But Shaka started recruiting me much sooner."

(was Smart's departure to Texas a big reason he's transferring?)


(looking forward to some competitive practices next season?)

"Definitely. They're probably got to be real good competition."

Smart said he knows Daniel Hamilton from AAU and camps, etc., but has to get to know most of the rest of the current Huskies.

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