Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shonn Miller transfers to UConn

As you likely know by now, UConn has picked up a talented transfer in Shonn Miller from Cornell. Miller decided to transfer to the Huskies during his visit to Storrs this weekend. Caught up with him by phone, and here's what he had to say:

(why UConn?)

"Just feeling accepted by everybody, welcoming me into their family as if I was already a part of it."

(can he step right in and have an immediate impact next season?)

"I think I can. Whatever's asked of me is what I'll do. I'm older and probably a little more mature than a freshman would be coming in. Whatever's needed."

(disappointed in Ivy League rule not allowing fifth-year seniors to play?)

"It was disappointing. You put in work with a group, you want to keep going. At the same time, this has allowed me to go somewhere else and have a new opportunity."

Miller said UConn was the only visit he made.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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