Sunday, March 15, 2015

Raise money for the fight against brain tumors in the Hoops for Hannah bracket challenge

Three years ago, Dave and Jeanne Taylor lost their daughter, Hannah, after a long battle with a brain tumor. Hannah was a huge UConn fan. 

Last year, Dave and Jeanne started the Hoops for Hannah bracket challenge as a fundraiser to fight against brain tumors. It raised $2,675, mostly among friends and family, but they'd like to raise much more.

2nd Hoops For Hannah Bracket Contest

Join Us in the fight against brain tumors, the college basketball bracket contest where everyone wins!

Simple rules;
Entry Fee - $10 per bracket (donations above the fee greatly appreciated)
1st prize - 25% of entry pool
Donations - 75% of entry pool, plus any additional donations (donations will be shared equally by The Musella Foundation, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, and the American Brain Tumor Association)

Just click the link below to join;

PASSWORD - sammyhusky

Pay to;
or checks to;
Hoops for Hannah
PO Box 964
North Canaan, CT  06018



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