Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A brief interview with UConn target Steve Enoch

Had a brief interview with Norwalk's Steve Enoch the other day, via text messages, for a story I'm writing for later this week. Here's Enoch's highlights video (couldn't figure out how to embed it). And here's how the interview went:

Did you enjoy your most recent visit to UConn, on June 27?

“Yes, I enjoyed my last visit a lot. The thing I enjoyed most was meeting the players and seeing them work out, because I can use some of the drills they were doing.”

What do you like most about the UConn program?

“I haven’t come up yet with what I like most about the program, but overall I think UConn is a great program.”

How much are you enjoying the recruiting process so far?

“I definitely like the recruiting process and the looks I’m getting from colleges because I see all of the hard work paying off.”

Did you grow up a UConn fan?

“Growing up in Connecticut I was surrounded by a major amount of Huskies fans, including my parents, so the team has always been in the atmosphere. Yes, I’ve been a fan of UConn and glad for the entire organization’s success.”

How tight are you with ex-Husky Andre Drummond?

“He’s someone I look up to. I don’t get to see him often because he’s always on the grind but every time I see him it’s like family. I make the most of every time we hang out, whether it’s him giving me good tips and mentoring on and off the court, or getting scraped in a 1-on-1.”

When will you narrow down your list of schools, or make a decision?

“Whenever I feel like the time is right for me to decide the top schools that fit my list of requirements for them.”

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