Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kevin Ollie tees it up at Travelers Championship

Kevin Ollie is playing in the Travelers Championship celebrity pro-am on Wednesday. With fellow "celebs" including George Lopez, Doug Flutie, Andre Tippett, Tim Wakefield and Ahmad Rashad, it's not a stretch to say that the national championship-winning coach was as big a name, at least to the hometown fans, as anyone. Or at least tied with Jim Calhoun.

That point was further driven home after Ollie's first drive, off the 10th tee, caught some overhanging branches.

"That's OK," a fan yelled, "you won the 'ship."

Prior to his round, Ollie talked a bit about what's going on with the program:

(on Daniel Hamilton, Rakim Lubin arriving on campus next week)

"I'm getting excited. Daniel Hamilton texted me his plane ticket, so I was real excited with that one. I was REAL, real excited when I saw that. I'm looking forward to it, seeing Rakim -- he likes to be called 'Rock,' but he's gonna have to get a couple of rebounds before I call him 'Rock.'"

(on whether UConn will add to its roster before the season starts)

"Probably not. I want to save those scholarships. There's always something that might happen, an Andre Drummond sighting. We'd be welcome with that. But I'm not really looking for that. We've always got our ears to the concrete, seeing what's shaking."

(on what he's hearing regarding Shabazz Napier and DeAndre Daniel entering next week's NBA Draft)

"I'm hearing a lot of good things. DeAndre's been on a world tour. Since he came back here, he went to 14 different workouts. I've been talking to Cleveland, I talked to Toronto after he went in there. He had a good workout at Charlotte. Hopefully, everything is going well for him. I heard he's shooting the ball real, real well. And Shabazz is doing pretty much everything."

(can they both be first-round picks?)

"You never know. I know Shabazz is pretty much a lock ... I wouldn't say lock, but that's what they're saying. And DeAndre maybe can sneak in there. You just need one. You don't need all 30, you just need one general manager or owner to fall in love with you."

Ollie, for his part, says he won't attend the draft next Thursday at the Barclays Center.

"I would, if one of our guys was going to be in, what do they call it, the Green Room, the Red Room? They should call it the Husky Blue Room."

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