Monday, May 5, 2014

Kevin Ollie Will Listen to NBA Teams, But Likely to Stay at UConn

One NBA team (not the Lakers or Thunder) has made preliminary contact with Kevin Ollie's camp, if only to let Ollie know they're interested in him, but waiting to see how other things shake out.

Others are sure to come: the Lakers and, quite possibly, according to a source, the Detroit Pistons. 

But it still seems overwhelmingly likely that Ollie will remain in Storrs. And while extensive talks with UConn haven't really started yet, this could get done relatively soon, we're told by someone with knowledge of the situation.

One thing to clarify, however: in an earlier version of the above linked story, I wrote that Ollie and UConn had about 35 days from the end of the season to iron out a new contract. That was the wording of the letter of agreement Ollie signed in December, 2012. However, that was not part of the official pact Ollie signed in October, 2013. So there is no actual timetable to the contract talks.



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