Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jim Calhoun: UConn Will "Pay (Kevin Ollie) Exceptionally Well"

Add Jim Calhoun to the growing list of people (including, pretty much, Kevin Ollie himself) who are pretty convinced Ollie will be the head coach at UConn this upcoming season.

“He’d be foolish if he didn’t explore,” the Hall of Famer said, “but I think he’s going to be the coach at UConn. Kevin needs to weigh everything at the time – how you feel, what’s right for your family, what’s right for you, what the future holds. I’m sure Kevin doesn’t want to go through this every year. UConn’s gonna be UConn, and they’re gonna pay him exceptionally well.”

Had a chance to speak with Calhoun by phone the other day, and as always, he had some interesting things to say. One thing I found particularly interesting, aside from the fact that he says he hasn't given an ounce of thought to replacing Ollie if Ollie were to leave (hey, I had to ask), was his response when asked if the NBA rumors could hurt UConn on the recruiting trail.

"In a bizarre sort of way,” Calhoun said, “kids may like that a guy they may go for is being though of so well in the NBA. For these kids, the NBA is the end-all.”

True enough.

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