Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jim Calhoun to Boston College? Nothing to See Here

Suffering from a bit of Jim Calhoun-to-BC fatigue? Me too. But we can firmly concur with the prevailing notion that there is absolutely nothing to these rumors.

So says a source close to Calhoun, who added that there is "no story there," and that Calhoun, while finally feeling healthy and spry again, has had "zero conversations" with anyone at BC isn't actively looking for another job. If the perfect job opened up, the Hall of Fame coach would likely think about it. But that's not where Calhoun is at right now.

It seems Calhoun needed that first year of retirement to sort of decide how to approach his non-coaching career. Now that he's feeling healthy again, there's no doubt he's eyeing ways to get back into the mix. He had an opportunity to do a radio show, but decided against it. He's openly wondered whether he could/should coach again and certainly is leaving the door ajar, but nothing is on the near horizon.

Meanwhile, oh yeah, UConn has a game to play tonight against Villanova. Should be fun. Remember this: Shabazz Napier truly became Mr. Clutch two years ago against the Wildcats (though he had already established the clutch gene long before in high school).

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