Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ryan Boatright on Shabazz Napier: "The Man Almost (Averaged) a Triple-Double. He Deserved That Award"

It's late. A few quick quotes and video from UConn's 58-56 win over Cincinnati on Friday.

Ryan Boatright:

(on the whole Shabazz Napier-Sean Kilpatrick player of the year issue)

“You know, we’ve got Twitter and stuff like that. They heard it. But Bazz, he says it all the time and some people might not believe him, but we really know, he doesn’t really care. He just wants UConn to win. He wants a national championship, that’s the only award that he wants. People who say what they say, it’s not all about scoring. (Kilpatrick) only averaged one or two points more than Shabazz. I mean, the man almost had a triple-double all the time – seven rebounds, six assists, stuff like that. It’s all about being an all-around player. He deserved that award.”

(on the irony of Kilpatrick missing the chance to tie it in the final seconds)

“Yeah, it’s ironic, it’s crazy. You can’t say anything to that. He’s a great player, it just didn’t fall for him.”

DeAndre Daniels:

(on facing Louisville again)

“Yeah, we’re happy. We’re right where we wanted to be. Coming into this tournament, we wanted to be able to play them again. We’ve got to keep playing how we’ve been playing, rebound and play UConn basketball, and we’ll put ourselves in a position to win the game.”

Amida Brimah:

(on UConn's strong defense over the final 14 minutes)

“We just made sure we came together a lot. Any time Kilpatrick was coming off a screen, we had to make sure we blitzed him all the time. We made sure we talked a lot on defense.”

(on getting over his goaltending calls)

“I’m used to that, so I’ve just got to play over there.”

(on the flagrant technical he was called for in the first half)

“I was just posting up, because he’s too short. That’s what happened.”

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